Advantages Of Advertising In The Talk of the Town Coupons™ Co-op Envelope

Co-Operative Direct Mail is AFFORDABLE.

Dollar-for-dollar, co-op direct mail is the most cost-effective, consumer-focused marketing option to drive new customers to your business. The actual cost, including type setting, design, postage, printing, etc, is just pennies per home. A stand-alone direct mail piece costs $0.46 for the postage alone, per piece. Co-Operative Direct Mail is significantly less expensive therefore producing a higher return on your investment. The Talk of the Town Coupon envelope alerts the homeowner to the presence of savings on multiple products from LOCAL BUSINESSES. Homeowners are more likely to look at your ad as a result of it being packaged with other LOCAL offers.

Co-Operative Direct Mail is EFFECTIVE.

94% of households open co-op envelopes. Consumers anticipate their arrival: We place your ad directly in the hands of that consumer.

TARGET the homes that are most likely to do business with you.

Most local businesses pull customers within a three mile radius around their store. Since we are a local company, operated by a couple that lives right here in the Piedmont and knows the area well, we are able to design mailing zones that work well for the businesses in this area. Talk of the Town Coupons™ conducts saturation drops in zones that are designed by shopping and travel patterns. This allows businesses to target the areas that contain the homeowners most likely to use their goods and services. Service companies are able to target the areas where they want to work. This saves time on travel and gas, and allows them to spend more time on the job. Unlike TV and Radio, you can eliminate wasted coverage with our Direct Mail Program.

Talk of the Town's anticipated arrival means an IMMEDIATE IMPACT for your business.

Direct Mail has incredible viewership! It is one of the few advertising medias that people open to see who is advertising. Consumers anticipate its arrival in their mailboxes. Most businesses want to see an immediate return on their investment. An immediate return means that your business is impacted by our program as soon as our envelope hits the mailboxes. The Talk of the Town Coupon envelope is not a passive form of advertising. It is designed to drive traffic to your door or phone immediately. There is no better way to build your customer base in a hurry.

Our program is one of the few types of advertising THAT YOU CAN TRACK.

Talk of the Town Coupons™ can be tracked on several different levels. The most obvious way is to simply collect the coupons as they come in or ask the caller how they heard about your business. In addition to your coupon counts, your company is branded as the consumer views each and every ad in our package, regardless of whether that consumer chooses to redeem your offer. In today's competitive environment, knowing exactly what your advertising dollars are doing for you is critical. Every advertising company has a story to tell you. Our story is backed by a tracking method that proves the value of our program to your business.


According to AC Nielson, 94% of Americans use Direct Mail Coupons. If there are 10,000 homes in the mailing zone, 9,400 homes will open the Talk of the Town envelope. If you are a local business in that zone we are going to give you the audience that you deserve. If that same business were to advertise on television, they may be aired on a channel that gets less than 2% of the viewing audience. Additionally, that viewing audience is city wide, not targeted to the specific geographic territory where your customers live. This is why Direct Mail is the King of Advertising.

Get the best results because your ad is on a SINGLE PIECE OF PAPER.

Like all other ads in our package, your ad will be on a single piece of paper. This means that your ad will receive the same amount of viewership as any ad in the package. You don't have to compete with any other advertisement for viewership. Single page advertisements are far more user friendly (no scissors required!) and more effective than busy pages that contain multiple ads per page.

CUSTOMIZE your ad for the best results.

We believe very strongly in brand recognition and quality. You have the ability to change your ad content and ad copy every single mailing. Your Talk of the Town Coupons™ representative lives just around the corner. You will be assisted by someone right here in town. We understand the market and how to customize your ads to this market. You will get the individualized attention that you and your business deserve.