Frequently Asked Questions

What type of response can I expect?

We get this question on a daily basis, and the honest answer is: We simply don't know. There are many factors that determine response rates. Response rates vary greatly by industry. For instance, a restaurant may get hundreds of redemptions while a roofer may get 2 or 3 from that same group of homes. Both responses are reasonable, but very different. Mailing the correct zones, having a good offer, seasonality and the extent to which your business is already branded will all affect redemptions. We can set reasonable expectations once we learn a little about you and your business. Please call us. We will be happy to set up an appointment for a quick and easy consultation.

Why Advertise?

All businesses NEED to advertise. Finding the right format can be an arduous process but it is critical to maximize the potential of your business. Advertising is about building and maintaining your business. People move away, get upset and change loyalties, etc. all the time. It is important to constantly be in front of new prospects and drive new business through your door. It is possible to survive without advertising but business is not about surviving, it is about thriving. We put your business in front of the consumers on a regular basis. We provide an affordable, effective means of keeping you at the top of your potential customers' minds.

Can I mail just one time?

One time is not enough. Our program is designed to build your business but it's not likely to happen in one mailing. In order to maximize the return on your investment, a minimum 4 to 6 time commitment is necessary. If someone lets you advertise just once, they may not have your best interest at heart. We believe in doing it the right way or not at all.

Why Talk of the Town Coupons™ instead of the other co-operative direct mail sources?

Talk of the Town Coupons™ is a local business. You will work with someone who knows this market and the territory where your business is located. Unlike the envelopes produced by the national franchises, who often have more national pieces than local advertisers, we feature local businesses. This makes our package more appealing to the consumer. Single page advertisements, like ours, generate a significantly higher return per piece mailed than media presenting multiple ads on a page. In addition, your single ads are much more user friendly, no scissors required. Talk of the Town Coupons features a nice variety of restaurants, retail & service businesses, making our package the one the consumer looks for in their mailbox.

Who receives Talk of the Town Coupons™?

Talk of the Town Coupons™ is not mailed to every home in the Piedmont. We choose carrier routes that have the highest average household incomes. Within these carrier routes, we target as many single family homes as possible while maintaining saturation postage rates. Your customer base is looking at our package and using it. Your customers use coupons and to a much larger extent than you may imagine. Because our mailing list is updated before each mailing, we always mail to the best homes, even the newest ones.

Can I produce my own ad?

Sure! You can produce and submit your ad if you like. Keep in mind that we will design your ad at no additional charge. It's one of the services that we offer. Should you decide to design it yourself, we will send you the guidelines to follow. This ensures that your ad will be of the highest quality.

Can I change my ad each mailing?

Yes. Consistency in appearance is important but you have the flexibility to change your ad before any mailing. If an ad needs to be changed, we will make those changes for you at no additional cost.

What is the cost?

Price depends on the number of homes you mail. We design, print and mail a full color advertisement for around four cents per household. A postal stamp alone costs $.46 and that does not even include the paper, envelope, design or printing. Our program is designed and priced to deliver a high return on your investment. Several variables affect the cost. To get a quote, please call our office at 336.668.4525 to set up a 20-minute appointment. We'll come by your business, review your goals and explain our program. We will suggest a mailing program based on that meeting.