Submission Requirements

View these requirements as a downloadable PDF.

General Guidelines For Preparing Ads For Digital Submissions

  • Press Ready PDF is the preferred file format. We also accept coupons created in Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. If you are using InDesign, collect for output all linked artwork and fonts in a folder of the same name.
  • Size Specifications: The document size of the digital file needs to match the final trim size of the printed piece. A non-image area 1/4" minimum from the edge of the sheet is required. Example: Document Size 3.5" x 8.5"; Image Area: 3" x 8"
  • All fonts must be embedded. (Fonts that are not embedded may cause the file to print incorrectly at press time.)
  • Embedded photos and graphics must be CMYK. (Our system can separate RGB files. However, to ensure the best reproduction of your job, convert the image file to CMYK prior to creating the PDF).
  • Output a laser proof at 100% (if possible) from the file you are sending. Unless otherwise specified, this proof will serve as a layout submission.

Outputting Your File To PDF Format

Make sure all fonts are embedded and make sure all colors are CMYK, not RGB. When possible, change fonts to outlines or paths prior to exporting to PDF, particularly if you are using a PC.

From Quark: Print a postscript file and then run the file through Adobe Distiller or export directly to a PDF.
Export Direct to PDF: Set job options to embed all fonts and no compression.

From Adobe Distiller: This option will convert most .eps or .ps files to a PDF. When using this method, select the "Press Quality" job option.

From Photoshop: Save your document as Photoshop PDF, and select Adobe PDF Preset for High Quality Print.

From Illustrator and InDesign: This seems to be the industry standard. Prior to generating a PDF file for printing you will need to create preset settings.

PDF Settings For Illustrator CS3 & InDesign CS3 And Lower

Step 1.

Go to Edit/Transparency Flattener Presets
Create a new template
Name the new template "TotT Transparency Settings"
Settings must be as follows:

  • Raster/Vector Balance: 100
  • Line art & text resolution: 1200 ppi
  • Gradient & Mesh resolution: 400 ppi
  • Convert all text to outlines: Off
  • Convert all strokes to outlines: Off
  • Clip complex regions: N/A

Step 2.

PDF SETTINGS: There are several ways to create these:
(In either InDesign or Illustrator)
Go to File/Adobe PDF Presets/Define
Create a new preset
Name the new template "TotT Template"

Settings must be as follows:

  • Compatibility: PDF 1.3
  • Compression
    • Color Images: Do Not Down Sample
    • Gray Scale Images: Do Not Down Sample
    • Monochrome Images: Do Not Down Sample
  • Output
    • Color Conversion
    • Destination: Document CMYK
    • Profile Inclusion Policy: Include Destination Profile
  • Advanced
    • Transparency Flattener is set to the name you created in Step 1

Click OK, then click Done
Now any time you create a PDF for final printing, use this PDF preset.