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To every entrepreneur who’s going out on a limb to bring a dream to life, we’ve got your back. To anyone with a dream of one day opening a small business of your own, we say “Go for it!”
We believe in small businesses. We are a small business! We understand how rough you have it. We live in a city with no shortage of big box, generic, brick-and-mortar stores. But it’s the small businesses that give the neighborhoods within the city that local feel. They’re the heart and soul of the community. When a small business opens, it has to work hard to gain the attention of consumers. And as is often the case, small businesses have equally small advertising budgets. The owners know they need to advertise, but they’re not sure how or where to find the extra money.

Tim Fowler


We exist so that every small business can have the opportunity to get out there. We offer businesses an easy and affordable way of promoting themselves. Whether your advertising program is well underway, or you’re just getting started, our direct marketing programs will play a vital role in your business being the “talk of the town”!

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We live, work & shop in this market.

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Sales Manager

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Mark and Lisa Morphies

Licensee, Forsyth Co.

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Graphic Artist

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