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Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you Angie and Talk of the Town for helping us design a very professional advertisement for our hospital. Our new clients and existing clients love it! Since we have been advertising with Talk of the Town®, we now regularly have a redemption of 25 to 30 Talk Of The Town® coupons per week.

Jonathan Marquez, Business Manager, Northwood Animal Hospital

I moved my business recently and didn’t realize how many of my customers were unaware of where we had moved. I had used Talk Of The Town® many years ago and it had worked very well. I recently mailed a piece to homes around my previous location and I’m so glad I did. I’d say 90% of my former clients found me again through Talk Of The Town®.

Thuy Thuy Mebane, Owner, Elizabeth’s Alterations

This is the best advertising I have done. It really brings in the customers! By far, Talk Of The Town® is the most cost-effective advertising we have ever done. 

Scott Robinson, Owner, Taylor’s Discount, Tire and Automotive

We are ecstatic about the performance of your media for the past month!   You all did better than anyone else at all of our locations!

Larry Janesky, Owner, Carolina Basement Systems (Since 2019)

We have mailed with Talk of the Town in the past and had taken a break. We came back in October 2017. It’s been two weeks since our coupon went out and results have been great. To date for this mailing we’ve had over 50 of our watch battery offers come in and over half of these are people that have never been in the store before!  We have seen good redemptions on our other offers as well. I’m glad Angie was persistent, and that we’re mailing again!

Stan Brooks, Owner, Biller’s Jewelers (Since 2013)

We have consistently been pleased with using Talk of the Town for our advertising needs. The team at Talk Of The Town® is always very helpful and designs ads to have the greatest impact. We have received numerous contacts and gained customers through our ads with them. We plan to continue to use Talk of the Town® for advertising needs.

Eric Hedrick, Owner, Signature Heating, Cooling and Construction. (Since 2018)